Road Trip! Kathleen Garrison and I drove from my brother and sister-in-law’s house in Englewood, CO just outside Denver to Santa Fe, NM for a few days of exploring.  New Mexico bills itself as the Land of Enchantment, and Santa Fe fits that bill nicely. It is a wonderful town with nice people, lots of shopping, good bars, eateries, and a lively music scene.
New Mexico, Land of Enchantment
Only 370 miles to go! At least the speed limit is 75mph
Castle Rock is between Denver and Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak in the distance
Slowdown on I-25
Rainstorms ahead
Santa Fe Railway ran alongside us most of the way (BNSF)
Watch out for bears?
This Las Vegas is in NM and is nothing like Las Vegas in Nevada.
3 hours after leaving we make it to New Mexico
Remnants of fire
Trees were charred on both sides of the highway
Stormy weather
Desert landscape
One of our rest stops
Our little Nissan would take us over 1,000 miles in 4 days
NM state flag flies below US flag
Colorful landscape
Santa Fe Suites
Our home for the next 3 days
Even a mini dishwasher
Our room was very nice
St. Francis Cathedral
Institute of American Indian Arts
Painted lights
View of Plaza from balcony at Marble Brewery
At our table
Inside the Tap Room
We would buy lunch from this cart tomorrow
Chili pepper decoration
Dancing crowd at bandstand
Hillary Smith and Soul Kitchen play boogie blues and soul (see videos)
Traditional singers
With creepy women
We don’t know why they aren’t’ smiling
Gate at American Indian Museum