Today I took a side trip (just over an hour) down to the island Chincoteague, VA and the Chincotague Wildlife Refuge Center, which is on the Virginia end of Assateague Island. The pony herd is owned by the fire department, and each July they have an auction of the foals. Pony Penning draws tens of thousands of people, but it was not crowded today as I explored the town.
what is this creature? I bet a Smart Car could drive right under it!
I passed NASA’s Wallops FLight Facility on the way to Chincoteague
I went straight across Chincooteague Island back to Assateague to the Wildlife Refuge to hike and pony watch
I saw a few from a distance on the Woodland Trail.
Doesn’t compare to the Seashore campground
why these sad looking ones were in a pen I have no idea, unless they are sick and quarantined
sleepy pony
needs a haircut
this one’s pretty, but where is the hair on his face gone?
Tom’s Cove
Assateague Lighthouse
Sitka Elk. Let loose by a boy scout troop n the 30’s after they  got too expensive to feed.
they only grow to 75 lbs. and they keep their spots
heading back to Chincoteague Island
This place has their own herd of about 30 registered Chincoteague ponies
they have pony rides in the summer
Tribute to Misty of Chincoteague in town
mama duck with her babies under her getting ready fo rbed
there were ducks all over the area I parked
crossing back into Maryland
they left it for dead
ahhh…back to “my” ponies
I can start recognizing them now
a bunch were in the camp office lot
had to park and get out the camera again
uh, hey guys- not too close to the Jetta!
don’t touch the Jetta!
and they go their way
Jiffy Pop time!
ok start popping!
that’s more like it!
another cold night spent reading by headlamp in my tent where i was warm and cozy. The rain began at 1am…