August 21-23, 2009 - The AMC sponsors a 10 day getaway at Sandy Hook each August, and I went for the first time this year. We stayed on the grounds of historic Fort Hancock. There were many activities to do each day, or you could just go to the beach. Hurricane Bill put an end to swimming and boating for the weekend, but I had fun hiking and biking, doing yoga and meeting great people.
Sandy Hook Adventure
The Education Building was my home for the weekend
Friday afternoon - a storm moves in
After the storm, a beautiful sunset
The first rainbow of the weekend
the sun is getting lower
whole sky is pink
Coast Guard ships in the twilight
view from Observation Deck
Lights come up - Verranzano bridge, Coney Island to right
Saturday morning - second rainbow!
Hike in Hartshorne Woods Park
twisty vines
grand old tulip tree
funny bent tree
After the hike I took a bike ride on the bike path
Sandy Hook lighthouse and keeper’s quarters
NIke missile
Nike missile
Hurricane Bill made for empty beaches
A Saturday afternoon in August - almost deserted
gulls on the beach
Spermacetti Cove
The bridge to the mainland is being rebuilt
I liked the look of the line of utility poles
dune grasses
you could have the beach to yourself
red flags = no water entry
bike path
Army compass
the lighthouse is the nation’s oldest - put into service in 1764.
Captain’s Row - looks like Monopoly houses
sadly, most are decaying
all buildings in Fort Hancock are yellow brick except the one we used.
hey, it’s my road!
North Beach dunes
I was playing with the composition in these shots
trying to get the bast angle of the fence, reflection, dunes and sky
Sunday, Pamela, Gopika, Jean and myself climbed to the top of the lighthouse
95 steps, plus a 9 rung ladder
Fresnel lens, visible over much longer distances the conventional lenses
if one bulb goes out, the other comes on
it was hot up there!
view from top
Ferry arriving from NYC
don’t turn this off!
back at “my” street
rainbow #3! Sunday evening driving home