Visiting Ocean City off-season is nice because there are no crowds, but there isn’t any of the usual boardwalk excitement. Everyone was getting ready for the season, and I had a nice visit. I rode my bike the length of the boardwalk end to end, 6 miles round trip, watched the most peaceful sunset, and enjoyed my jacuzzi tub.
Crossing into Delaware
I always liked this bridge
Seems like there’s a little of everything here - horse racing, NASCAR, casino gambling…
Military plane landing at Davis AFB
Entering in to Maryland
The road to the causeway
Nearing land’s end
Ocean City MD reminds me of Miami Beach with the hi rises
looking to North Ocean City
My room at the Best Western sleeps 6 -not bad for $50. Includes breakfast too!
Little kitchen area
the bay off one of the sidestreets where I parked my car
Time for a bike ride
the north end of the boardwalk
where the boardwalk ends, the dunes begin
once Memorial Day comes, you can only ride on the boardwalk from 6-10am
heh heh…
I read lots about these fries, but I was DENIED! Not open yet.
There was a kite flying club flying their kites
what is art?
famous boardwalk entry at 6th St
all closed
the arcade was open, but no many people there
southern end of the boardwalk, looking across to the northern tip of Assateague Island
back at the northern end, now I have to ride a few blocks to where my car is parked. The island is like 4 blocks wide.
waiting for the crowds
nice place!
watching the sun set was amazing.
this was at the end of the parking lot
perfect spot!
there were some ducks swimming around
the shorebirds in the distance were calling out
there’s the ducks
buh-bye sun